XRG Media Library

XRG Media Library

The XRG Library for property calculation

XRG Media Library

The XRG Media Library contains functions for property calculation of different fluids for dynamic or stationary simulations. The Library uses the interface for property calculation which was specified in the free Modelica.Media library. Therefore, the XRG Media Library can be used directly with the free Modelica.Fluid Library for thermo-hydraulic systems. The interface allows a simple exchange of the properties via cursor click. The library does not use any external sources for the calculation.

XRG Media - Scope of the Library

log-p-h-diagram of carbon dioxide

The figure shows as an example the log-p-h diagram of carbon dioxide (R744) in liquid, two phase and gas phase.

The following refrigerants are part of the XRG Media Library:

  • R134a (tetrafluoroethane), according to Tillner, Roth and Baehr, 1994.
  • R717 (ammonia), according to Tillner, Roth and Baehr, 1994.
  • R744 (carbon dioxide) according to Span and Wagner, 1996.
  • R1234yf (tetrafluoroprop-1-ene) according to Richter, McLinden and Lemmon, 2010.
  • R245fa (pentafluoropropane) according to Lemmon and Span, 2006.

The library contains separate functions for all relevant thermodynamic variables (density, temperature, pressure, specific enthalpy, specific internal energy, specific entropy). Moreover functions are provided for:

  • thermodynamic variables for boiling and dew curve (except specific internal energy),
  • specific heat capacity at constant volume,
  • specific heat capacity at constant pressure,
  • isentropic specific enthalpy,
  • helmholtz energy,
  • derivatives of helmholtz energy,
  • gibbs energy,
  • dynamic viscosity,
  • thermal conductivity,
  • surface tension in two-phase regime,
  • speed of sound,
  • and many more.

If you have any questions regarding the XRG Media library, please sent us a mail.