Establishment of LTX Simulation in Munich

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A new member of the XRG family is in operation: Together with TLK-Thermo GmbH and Leo Gall a subsidiary was founded in Munich. The company LTX Simulation GmbH will deliver high-value simulation services, know-how and software products (e. g., products of TLK and XRG) in the area of Munich and beyond. LTX will take advantage of the long-time experience of both parent companies and thus will be able to deliver complex work packages from the start.

The operational focus will be on support and consultancy for using Modelica, Dymola and FMI, trainings for simulation software products as well as simulation services for energy systems in cars, aircrafts, buildings and power plants.

Leo Gall has been assigned with the general management of LTX. For many Dymola and Modelica users Leo Gall is a well-known person since he is supporting Dymola customers on behalf of Cenit AG in Germany. Moreover, he is a very active member of the Modelica association.

“I am delighted, that we can intensify our service offers with the foundation of LTX in the Munich area and herewith will fulfil the requirements of our customers for local support.” says Dr. Stefan Wischhusen, CEO of XRG Simulation. “LTX Simulation is another example for the successful cooperation of the companies XRG and TLK. Through the involvement of Leo Gall we have significantly enlarged our business network for the benefit of our customers.”