New Relase of FREE FluidDissipation 1.1.6

fluid dissipation

FluidDissipation is a free and open Modelica Library for calculations of pressure differences and heat transfer. It is developed by XRG Simulation.

The library is open source and can be downloaded in the version 1.1.6 for Dymola and MSL 3.2.1.

List of revisions:

  • Added new function kc_tubeBundle_1ph for round tube bundle heat exchanger (one phase media)
  • Added annotation Inline=true or Inline=false to all functions
  • Revised Stepsmoother function and derivative
  • Revised SmoothPower_der
  • Revised function dp_curvedOverall_MFLOW to improve regularization for close to zero mass flow rates
  • Removed a failure in diffuser flow model