XRG Marathon Relay finishes within 3,5 hours


Another success for XRG: For the second time XRG´s mixed relay team takes part in Hamburg's 29th Haspa Marathon. In slightly cold weather the four members of relay team Dejanira Juarez, Gerrit Erichsen, Ole Engel and Stefan Wischhusen finish in 3 hours and 20 min. Dejanira was the first on track and completed her 16.3 km in a remarkable time of 1:12 which is 5 min less than last year. Next was Gerrit Erichsen who could keep up the pace over 11.2 km from Jungfernstieg to City Nord and reached the next transfer zone after 55 min where Ole was waiting for him. Ole even completed in 29 min by achieving his personal best performance after another 5,4 km. Unfortunately, the last transfer did not work too good due to a missing team member but soon Stefan was on the road and finished his 9.4 km in 41 min. Nevertheless, all participants were very happy about their Marathon relay and will start again in 2014. The Hamburg Marathon is one of the best of it´s kind and we love the audiences interest and their cheers.