Web-based Modelica-Simulation of Coaxial Geothermal Heat Exchangers

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In cooperation with geoKOAX GmbH, ROM Technik Ltd. & Co. KG, Hamburg University of Technology, Silpion IT-Solutions and XRG Simulation GmbH the Modelica-based simulation tool geoSIM was successfully launched today. The tool is used for the design and selection of coaxial borehole heat exchangers fields and was validated against measurement data of real life applications.

Due to the innovative installation on a webserver https://simulation.geokoax.de/ the tool is available for any user – even under usage of smart phones or tablets. The simulation just requires internet access and an internet browser. After a short computation time of a few seconds an automatic report incl. graphs and tables is made available to the user by a link.

Together with our partners, we are very proud to announce the successful launch of geoSIM!