FluidDissipation Library

The XRGLibrary for modeling pressure loss and heat transfer of thermo-hydraulic components

XRG FluidDissipation Library

The XRG FluidDissipation Library contains heat transfer and pressure loss calculations for a large amount of industrial components which are important for the modeling of thermo-hydraulic processes.

The Modelica library FluidDissipation is free and has an open source code. The necessary correlations can be implemented in arbitrary thermo-hydraulic Modelica model libraries and are suited for dynamic simulation. The stand-alone use in a Modelica application is also possible.

FluidDissipation Use Case – Modelica Model of an Aircraft Fuel System

Modelica Modell Engine Feeding System

The components are modeled using component models from FluidDissipation for modeling pressure loss and heat transfer.

The Calculations of the FluidDissipation Library

Heat transfer

  • Channel: forced convection in a channel
  • General: generic correlations of forced convection (e.g. Dittus/Boelter)
  • Heat Exchanger: heat transfer for heat exchangers
  • Helical Pipe: forced convection in helical pipe heat exchanger
  • Plate: forced convection for plain surfaces
  • Straight Pipe: forced convection in pipes

Pressure loss and pressure difference

  • Bend: pressure loss in pipe bends
  • Channel: pressure loss in channels
  • Diffuser: total pressure difference in diffusers
  • General: generic pressure loss models
  • Heat Exchanger: pressure loss
  • Junction: total pressure difference in tees
  • Nozzle: total pressure difference in nozzles
  • Orifice: total pressure difference in sudden profile changes
  • Straight Pipe: pressure loss in pipes
  • Valve: Pressure loss in different valves


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