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XRG Simulation is a german small and medium enterprise which performs computational simulations with state-of-the-art software in order to develop superior quality products.

XRG is focused on thermal energy systems simulation to support international companies and research institutions in the research, development and improvement of projects and products. In highly qualified teams comprising engineers, mathematicians and physicists, XRG Simulation carries out complex system simulations using numerical methods. With the simulation and modelling of technical energy problems, we proceed in a strategic, unbiased and unbureaucratic manner and have above-average requirements in terms of the quality of our work. XRG is in close contact with organizations and continuously takes part in joint research projects with well-known universities and institutions. With this scientific foundation a high value knowledge transfer can be offered and a continuously growing know-how. Consequently, XRG Simulation has established itself as a reliable and flexible partner of international corporations and institutions.


To shape the future means to develop and improve energy technique today

In our technical sophisticated world energy is highly related to environmental aspects on the one hand and the human comfort on the other hand. We want to design the future and support industry and research in improving energy technologies.

Thereby, we focus on maximizing the human benefits while minimizing the environmental footprint.

We are a highly motivated team and strive for maximum performance. That requires commitment, enthusiasm and eagerness to face new challenges of every single person. Our daily interactions with each other are fair, humane and base on mutual aid. We enjoy our work and execute our work with passion – it is part of our lives. Therefore, we are flexible enough to take individual circumstances into account.

Board of XRG

The experts for energy system simulation

Die Gründer und Inhaber von XRG Simulation GmbH, Dr. Stefan Wischhusen, Ole Engel und Jörg Eiden erforschen und entwickeln seit fast zwei Jahrzehnten intensiv Methoden zur Modellierung und Simulation von energietechnischen Systemen. 2005 gründeten Sie XRG Simulation GmbH um ihr Expertise in Simulationsdienstleistungen und -produkten einzubringen.

XRG Simulation beschäftigt inzwischen ein Spezialisten-Team aus hoch motivierten Ingenieuren, Mathematikern und Physikern. Die Menschen bei XRG sind fasziniert davon, mit Hilfe der Mathematik physikalische Vorgänge zu simulieren und dazu beizutragen, Energietechnik zu gestalten. Je komplizierter die Fragestellung, desto hartnäckiger wird daran gearbeitet, aus der Simulation Antworten zu finden, die in der Technik angewendet werden können.

Jörg Eiden

Jörg Eiden, chairman of management board, is responsible for company development and strategy, recruiting, research and development, quality control, data and product security. He is excited by “increasing knowledge by researching and using this knowledge to find solutions to our customer’s complex problems. We want to satisfy our clients and motivate our employees with high quality solutions.”

T:+49 (0)40 766 29 26 32

Stefan Wischhusen

Dr. Stefan Wischhusen, managing director, is responsible for marketing, sales and building operations of XRG Simulation. His credo is „Enjoying simulation. It is an honour, if answers and ideas from simulation are applied in practice. We want to contribute to that.”

T:+49 (0)40 766 29 26 31

Ole Engel

Ole Engel, CFO, is responsible for personal, accounting, purchasing and IT Security of XRG Simulation. He is fascinated by “Energy engineering, especially by large plants and alternative energy concepts. If the results of our work are put into practice, it is highly motivating for me. We want to grow and create new jobs. Thereby, fair daily interaction with each other is very important.”

T:+49 (0)40 766 29 26 33

Sven Rutkowski

Sven Rutkowski, managing director, is responsible for automotive operations. He is fascinated by “pushing the development of new products through advanced simulation techniques.”

T:+49 (0)7031 714 77 51


A cluster of lots of know-how interaction

We cooperate continuously with our partner network in joint research projects and software development, distribution and application. We support each other and transfer knowledge. Thus, all partners and especially our customers benefit.

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Interesting assignments are waiting for you at XRG!

XRG Simulation is a growing company that will expand its network of branches in Germany. We are a young team with flat hierarchies and a family friendly environment. We are constantly looking for skilled and motivated

Engineers, Mathematics and Physisists

who are experienced in system simulation and preferably in energy/thermal engineering, as well.

We offer interesting and complex tasks in R&D with a high potential of personal development. Additionally, we offer engineering tasks from the industry in fields like e-mobility and environmental friendly systems.

If you want to contribute in developing energy systems for the future, you are dedicated and committed, you want to look into things - though they are complicated, you want to take responsibility and work independently, we will be looking forward to your application

Student works and thesises

We offer the opportunity for students to write their academic thesis on problems from our daily practice. If you are interested, send us your application (early on). Thus, we can contact you, when we find an adequate topic. Moreover, we are constantly looking for working students.

Current positions

Apply process

If you want to be one of us - send us your application to:


or call us to: T:+49 (0)40 766 29 26 30



Modelica Association

Modelica is one of the most important tools of our daily work. Therefore we actively contribute to develop and improve this tool.

Network of Family-Friendly Companies

XRG Simulation offers all of its employees the opportunity to balance work and family life. To make that work we rely on professional consultants.