Simulation, programming, consulting and support for energy systems

Modelling and simulation using computational models saves time and reduces costs while developing complex products. XRG Simulation is specialized on simulating thermal energy systems under transient or steady conditions. Furthermore, XRG can supply useful tools and applications required in a simulation project, conducts Co-simulations of multiple simulation programs, sets up extensive data bases for and carrys out systematic optimizations. XRG Simulation supports customers in time-consuming research and development activities, provides comprehensive consultancy and support or delivers software solutions designed to fulfill individual requirements.


Simulation and Modelling of Digital Prototypes under transient conditions

Numerical Simulation of Complex Systems

XRG Simulation conducts system simulations in the following fields

  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • buildings
  • power plants
  • process and
  • naval industry

XRG-Modelling and Simulation

  • thermo-hydraulic systems
  • computational-fluid-dynamics (CFD) simulation
  • energy supply systems
  • heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems
  • power plant processes
  • multi-domain systems (i.e. electrical, thermodynamic and mechanical systems and their control)
  • building simulation

Buildings and fire
protection systems


Get know-how and insight into simulation tools

In the XRG trainings longterm experience of our most-experienced scientists and engineers is shared and individual questions are addressed. Furthermore, our XRG trainers will on demand modify the content to your needs and can perform this training on your site to reduce travelling costs.

For regular or tailored trainings send an email to:

Regular courses can be attended for:

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Optimisation of Your Simulation-Workflow

XRG Simulation develops individual software solutions tailored to your needs. On demand we customize our available XRG-products according to your requirements. We assist you in:

  • Postprocessing of Simulation- or Measurement Data by means of compact Tables or descriptive Figures
  • Efficient Handling of Big Data
  • Programming of Applications for PCs and Apps for Mobile Devices
  • Development of Microsoft Excel Add-ins or Macros
  • Code-Export for Web-based Simulations (Reference:
  • Code-Export for Embedded Systems (e.g. controllers)
  • Creation of Standalone Simulation-Tools using Functional-Mockup-Units (FMU) models
  • Co-simulations for Coupling of Models defined in different Simulation Platforms
  • Programming of User Defined Functions (UDF) for large Computational-Fluid-Dynamics (CFD) models
  • Integration of C-Code in Modelica Libraries

Moreover we offer to customize and modify our successful XRG-products Score and ModelOpt to fulfill your demands.


XRG's consultancy is based on longterm experience

Efficient use of simulation tools

XRG Simulation has sound expertise in the use of simulation tools and in modeling thermal energy systems. We advise our customers on issues concerning the efficient use of simulation tools and the modeling of applications. We provide knowledge about the functionality, capability and limitations of simulation.
Additionally, we advise our customer in techno-economic decisions with the help of simulation results. E.g. the choice of components (refrigerating machines, improvement of control, etc.).

Individual Trainings on XRG products

  • HumanComfort
  • HVAC
  • Score
  • FluidDynamics
  • ModelOpt

Innovative scientists support your research 

At the white board

Innovative solutions to numerically challenging systems

XRG Simulation supports industrial customers in the R&D process. We take charge of simulating and modeling thermal energy systems for research projects from the automotive sector, aerospace, shipbuilding und building industry. With particular emphasis on numerically challenging 1D system modelling and improvement of existing models we develop innovative solutions in partial or complete commission. We work discretely and straightforward and give you a sophisticated illustration of the results.


If you are at a loss we will have a solution

Support when problems occur – speedy and uncomplicated.

XRG Simulation offers its customers support when problems occur. E.g. when you don’t have enough time to conduct own simulations, when certain models are lacking or when numerical problems occur. By request, we help you out and solve these problems on a short term.

In addition, we support our customers in improving existing models (customization) and offer support for our own products:

  • Workshops
  • Email support
  • Advice on the use of XRG products