Automotive thermal systems

We develop components and complex systems for cars and commercial vehicles, using state of the art engineering and simulation methods. Thereby, we help you reduce the time- and cost-intensive testing on test benches and vehicles. From the initial idea through to series production, we offer you tailor-made, reliable and transparent solutions with high quality standards. We advise you in determining the optimum balance between efficiency, performance and comfort for your application.

Refrigeration and heat pump systems

Development, functional validation and optimization of air conditioning and liquid cooling systems

Modular, customizable simulation models for your innovative ideas

  • Development of models adapted to your individual problem on the basis of established model libraries
  • Development and optimization of your operating strategy taking into account costs, efficiency, maximum performance and comfort
  • Mastering special challenges in the field of e-mobility (HEV, PHEV, BEV)
  • Intelligent thermal management to maximize range, shorten charging times and save weight and costs
  • Safe and reproducible investigation of extreme conditions
  • Broad understanding of the system through transparent modeling and visible code
  • Robust initialization of models – steady state as well as dynamic
  • Detection and avoidance of potential problems: Feasibility, conflicting objectives, life span, over- or undersizing
  • Development, comparison and evaluation of control strategies
  • Investigation of the mass distribution in refrigerant systems with different operating modes
  • Co-Simulation through export in the form of FMUs, Executables, C code, DLLs or by using the binary interface COM
  • Let us find the solution for you or acquire know-how for the use of simulation tools yourself with the help of our XRG training offers
Translucent car
System components

Exact mapping of the behavior of your components through our simulation models

Heat exchanger

Flexible and reusable component models

  • Modelling of special components and calibration of standard models based on measurement or simulation data
  • Modification and tailoring of existing simulation models
  • Migration into a software preferred by you or your potential customer
  • Use of component models in any number of scenarios and system models
  • Maximum accuracy through individually adapted heat transfer and pressure loss models as well as consideration of further physical effects
  • Minimal need for coordination due to standardized processes and documentation
  • Transparency and traceability through delivery of the test environment
  • Preparation of measurement or simulation data with XRG Applications for calibration, verification and validation, e.g. using XRG Score
  • Let us supply you with the mathematically robust modelled components or acquire the know-how yourself from our XRG training offers
Cabin models

Thermal evaluation of automotive cabins for superior comfort and higher performance

XRG cabin model

Flexible and physical models cabin models

  • The open and modular approach enables the modeling of various vehicle types, e.g. coupés, limousines, cars, vans, trucks and buses using our XRG HumanComfort Library
  • Variable level of detail: best compromise between level of detail and calculation speed for every design step (1D single volume, 1D multiple volumes or 3D coarse grid CFD)
  • Comfort evaluation and predictive control using fast models
  • Save license costs by coupling HVAC system and cabin within the same simulation environment (Dymola)