MoMoLib - Release of High Accuracy Humid Air and R134a Models

momo lib

Specific heat capacity at constant volume for R134a

The release version of the fluid property library for humid air and the refrigerant R134a developed in the MoMoLib project was succesfully verified and delivered to the CleanSky consortium.

The humid air model is valid for a much broader range of states (611 Pa < p < 10 MPa, 143.15K < T < 2000K, incl. frost, dissociation), than the existing humid air model (Modelica.Media.Air.MoistAir) making it useful for aircraft applications or similar. The R134a refrigerant model can be used for modelling of any refrigeration system (aircraft, automobile, building systems, etc.).

The models can be used under Modelica 2 license and apply the corresponding media interfaces of Modelica.Media 3.2 (proceed to download page).

A version of the MoMoLib library compatible with the Modelica Standard Library (MSL) 3.2.1 will be offered to the Modelica Association for integration into MSL.