New Release of Modelica Library Hydronics 2.0.1

hydronics library

A new release of the Hydronics Library 2.0.1 can be ordered from now on. It is compatible with Modelica.Fluid components from Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1. Furthermore, an update of the Add-on Library for AirConditioning Library users is provided which helps to couple to liquid models.

Further news of this release are:

  • The pressure drop correlation for the edged bend was corrected for laminar and some turbulent conditions.
  • Fixed an error in homotopy-calls if m_flow_start=0.
  • Set minimum input guard of Hydronics.Thermo.Valves.FlowControl.TwoPort_KV_var valve model to 0 (before: 1e-3).